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If you or a loved one is in need of additional support, Anne’s Friends is the place to find a professional, compassionate, and caring therapist or provider.

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About Anne's Friends

Anne’s Friends is the premier online directory of therapists and providers. You will never search the web again to find a highly qualified, professional, licensed therapist or provider. Every therapist or provider is thoroughly vetted before their profile is accessible to Anne’s Friends members (aka Friends).

A thorough criminal background check  and sex offender check is completed. Professional certification is confirmed current and in good standing.

Anne’s Friends is a community. Find articles, books, podcasts, videos, and the latest research while connecting with people on a similar journey in life. The support you desire in your drive to have a better quality of life for yourself or someone you love can be found at Anne’s Friends. Welcome!

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Anne's Friends helps you save time by finding relevant and reliable therapist & providers in your area quickly and efficiently.

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We take safety seriously. All of our therapists & providers are required to undergo a thorough verification process.


Reliable therapists and providers. We take pride in our vetting process which helps us provide you with more reliable options.

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Access resources including our Other Agencies of Interest list, current information, and community support.

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