About Us

Anne’s Friends was created out of need by Anne Cunningham, an Educational Advocate, former special education teacher and administrator. Anne received multiple phone calls from parents and family members asking if she could refer a therapist or provider for the caller’s child, elderly parent, or someone recovering from a medical condition. After searching the internet on their behalf many calls resulted in dead leads. The time and trouble to find the name and contact information for a therapist to end in frustration was unacceptable. Anne knew her next step in assisting families was to create an online directory of trusted, professional therapists and providers for people to find quickly and with confidence.

Anne’s Friends has two objectives:

Objective #1: Assisting Families and Individuals (we like to call Friends) to Create a Better Quality Life

Anne’s Friends main objective is to cut back on the frustration people experience when trying to find a therapist. Time is of the essence when precious therapies are needed. Making multiple phone calls, having to learn about the therapists and who they serve, trying to determine if schedules align is too time consuming and frustrating. Anne’s Friends eliminates those questions and frustrations.

Friends need a positive community to connect and learn. Anne’s Friends will provide information, research, and resources. Anne’s Friends will allow people to ask questions of each other and find input from out therapists. Anne’s Friends strives to become the interactive website families to find professional services, current research, and data. We believe you will find inspiration and hope, too.

Objective #2: Enabling Therapists & Providers to THRIVE

It’s stunning to hear the number of therapists and providers who have a second job or ‘side hustle’ to make ends meet. Instead of continuing to build and develop in their field they take some part-time job that does not enrich their growth. What a waste of their time and those who truly need them!

Anne’s Friends allows therapists and providers to create profiles and to be found by those who need your available services. By serving other you can build your practice! We, at Anne’s Friends, are here to help you do that.

Contact Anne with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how Anne’s Friends can offer broader support to individuals and families of people on this amazing journey we call life.

Drop an email any time! annec@annesfriends.com

You are never alone on your journey. You can find new friends and plenty of support at Anne’s Friends. All are welcome!