Why Become A Friend?

Why Become a Friend on Anne’s Friends?

Becoming a Friend on Anne’s Friends is so much more than finding a therapist or providers. Anne’s Friends is a community of people who are experiencing similar struggles, asking similar questions, and celebrating similar successes. Anne’s Friends is a community.


But let’s start with finding a therapist or provider.

Nothing is worse than knowing you need a therapist or provider and you are unable to find one. What you need to know about the outstanding therapist and providers on Anne’s Friends!

  1. Anne’s Friends has hundreds of highly qualified therapist and providers who have been vetted. A criminal background check has been done, a sex offender background check has been completed, certification has been confirmed, and references have been contacted. Right away you know every therapist or provider on Anne’s Friends has gone through a rigorous vetting process or they would not be here. That is one less thing for you to worry about!
  2. If a therapist or provider is on Anne’s Friends you know they want to be here. People who are where they want to be are happier, driven people.
  3. You can look at as many therapist and provider profiles as you like. You can use their contact information to contact them and get a feel if they are the one for you. You will be delightfully surprised at how many wonderful therapist and providers you will have access to.


What if you dislike looking through so many different profiles? Post a Job!

If reviewing multiple profiles of therapist and providers is something you wish not to do, post your need for a therapist or provider and Anne’s Friends will see to it that it gets to the therapists or providers in your area. It’s as easy as that. The therapist or providers will then contact you!


We are so much more than locating highly skilled therapist & providers . . . .

Anne’s Friends is an online community.

  • It is a safe, secure place to post questions, share things you have tried with your child or loved one, share your struggles, share your strategies and celebrate your successes on the Community Boards!
  • Several times a month there will be a live, interactive feeds with different professionals you can interact with.
  • Relevant & interesting articles and research will be shared with you to keep you informed about the the newest therapies and professional practices.
  • Community information that might interest you right within your community will be shared with you.


At Anne’s Friends you are never alone. You are surrounded by many loving, supportive and informative friends.