By entering Anne’s Friends (www.annesfriends.com) and using any material posted: videos, blogs/articles, participating in live feeds with professionals, hosting a live feed as a professional; or, retaining services of therapist or related service providers, receiving emails, receiving the newsletter, creating a profile, utilizing the services of any therapist or service related providers, or agreeing to work with any individual or family who retains the services of a therapist or service provider on behalf of a minor child, through Anne’s Friends, you are agreeing to accept all parts of this disclaimer. If you do not accept all parts of this Disclaimer, do not use Anne’s Friends. Again, using Anne’s Friends is your non-verbal agreement to all parts of this Disclaimer.

Anne’s Friends does not guarantee therapist and related service providers will be selected by families of minor children or individuals for their services. However, every attempt will be made on behalf of Anne’s Friends to assist therapist and providers to create a beautiful profile showcasing the information of the Tier the therapist or related service provider has selected.

While Anne’s Friends uses a rigorous vetting process to allow only the highest standard of professionals who create profiles on Anne’s Friends to advertise their services, Anne’s Friends is not responsible nor liable for the actions or behavior of any kind a therapist or service provider may engage in may it be but not limited to: inappropriate, theft, violent, or any other form of egregious behavior, once working with individuals and/or families. The vetting process of each and every therapist and related service professional includes: a criminal background check, a sex offender background check, contacting the to references provided by the therapist or related service professional, and confirmation of certification/professional license. Anne’s Friends is not liable for any interactions between people.

Any information learned from Anne’s Friends is for educational purposes only. Seek out the advice of a medical professional or mental health professional if you have any concerns regarding something you learned on Anne’s Friends.


ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Every individual or adult acting on behalf of a minor or who holds legal guardianship over the adult they are seeking professional services for, will take personal responsibility for their interactions, physical health, mental health, and safety. Anne’s Friend’s is not liable for any person’s actions who has a profile created on Anne’s Friends.  Always contact your doctor with any concerns. Always exercise safety & caution.

Anne’s Friends does not assume any responsibility or liability for the outcome of the services provided by a therapist or service related providers. Individuals who utilize the services of the therapist or related service providers, or family members who retain the services of a therapist or related service provider for a minor child or anyone they have legal authority over assumes the risk of the outcome of the services provided.

Anne’s Friends does not assume, nor will Anne’s Friends reimburse any therapist or related service provider, for any unpaid fees by the individuals or families of minor children who do not pay the agreed upon hourly rate.

Any questions regarding this Disclaimer should be directed to annec@annesfriends.com.