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We’ll see how 2021 is treating us and assess if we’ll start collecting fees in August. Until then we invite you to (1) create a free profile, and (2) let people in need find you so your amazing services can make their lives better.

Becoming a Provider/Request Approval

Anne’s Friends will only host profiles of the utmost ethical, honest, skilled and professional therapists and service providers. In order for parents and family members to feel confident in the therapist or service provider they retain, Anne’s Friends approves each and every profile request based on the following criteria/information:

  1. Criminal background check
  2. Sex Offender background check
  3. Confirmation of current certification

This vetting process ensures the parents and family members a peace of mind as to who will be working with their child, senior citizen parent, or self as they pursue a better quality life, independence, and joy.


Therapists and providers are asked to provide the following information in order to do a background check. Once you create your profile you will be contacted via email to provide the following:

  • Your state and drivers license number
  • Your professional license/certification number


The Process:

  • Initially select the Free Trial and create a beautiful, professional profile.
  • Very shortly after creating your profile you will receive an email requesting your drivers license number and state issued, and you professional certification number.
  • After completing a background check you will be notified and your profile will go live.
  • You will be contacted by an administrator at Anne’s Friends to review your created profile! You will be provided assistance on maximizing your profile and be told about other opportunities to on Anne’s Friends Online Directory of Therapists, Providers & Resources.



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