Becoming a Provider/Request Approval

Anne’s Friends will only host profiles of the utmost ethical, honest, skilled and professional therapist and service providers. In order for parents and family members to feel confident in the therapist or service provider they retain, Anne’s Friends approves each and every profile request based on the following criteria/information:

  1. Criminal background check
  2. Sex Offender background check
  3. Confirmation of current certification
  4. Two references, provided by the therapist or service provider

This vetting process insures the parents and family members a peace of mind as to who will be working with their child, senior citizen parent, or self as they pursue a better quality life, independence, and joy.


In addition to creating one of the Tiered Profiles therapist and providers must provide the following information. This requested information will only be viewed by an administrator at Anne’s Friends:

  • A scanned copy of your certification
  • Two referrals from people who know you professionally
  • A scanned copy of your driver’s license (to assist in running the background checks)


The Process:

  • Select the Tier you want to create – follow the steps to create a professional, beautiful profile!
  • Scan in your certification, driver’s license when prompted. (Again, only to be used in running the background checks)
  • Provide the name & contact information (name, email, phone number) for your two professional referrals.
  • Anne’s Friends will confirm your certification is current, run a criminal background, and contact your referrals.*
  • Anne’s Friends will contact you to let you know your profile will bear the mark indicating your certification is current and your criminal record is clear.
  • You will be contacted by an administrator at Anne’s Friends to review your created profile and discuss how to set yourself up for a successfully interact with future clients!

* Should there be a problem with your certification or background check you will be refunded your full payment.


Tiers to Select From


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Provider PageProvider PageProvider Page
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Contact InfoContact InfoContact Info
Session RateSession RateSession Rate
Multiple CategoriesMultiple Categories
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