Provider Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a Provider on Anne’s Friends


Anne’s Friends will assist you in creating the career you want as a therapist or provider. Being the only online directory of different therapist and service providers, Anne’s Friends will be perused by thousands of individuals and family members seeking out your service. Such exposure will provide you career freedom in the following ways:

  • A profile that showcases your experience, resume, certification, & references
  • Flexibility of scheduling appointments to fit your lifestyle
  • Charging competitive session rates
  • Creating service contracts according to your own reasonable terms
  • Opportunities to build and establish yourself as an expert in your field with article/blog submissions to be read by thousands of people
  • Sample documents such as contracts will be made available to you in our professional community
  • Exposure to websites and apps to assist you with efficiency
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals
  • Current studies and other articles will be shared to keep you abreast of your field as it continues to develop
  • Families who are seeking different therapist or providers can post jobs (in addition to perusing the directory) which will be passed onto you



Heroes are hard to find. Creating a profile on Anne’s Friends will help you be found. Imagine the good you will do and the number of people you will help. Create the career you have always wanted or be found to start your side hustle.


Anne’s Friends will be by your side the entire way!



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